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  • Sip of morning coffee container candle


    Nothing wakes up your senses like the a delicious scent of vanilla flavoured coffee.

  • Stress Buster


    Heart-shaped stress buster.

  • Sunset Lip Balm


    Made with the Botswana climate in mind, this lip balm is designed to withstand the heat without melting. It provides long lasting moisture to your lips, reducing the necessary re-application. Our lip balm is delicately made with natural ingredients and colored using natural oils. It works with your skin to provide soft, luscious lips. Size:…

  • Sweet Escape Dead Sea Salt


    Back to basics, where simplicity and versatility roam free. Where sweet escapes come in a purest form of self-love and care.

  • Visit to Grandmas reed diffuser


    Reminiscent of the visit to Grandma’s with the background full of peaches in full bloom and pink petals laying on the ground, and the air full of a promise for a better future. With work taking us to distant lands with little chances of visiting grandma, take this scent into your home to bring Grandma closer.

  • Visit to the winery container candle


    A fresh fruity, grapey smell with a tinge of fermentation, reminiscent of the winery. Have no time to take a vacation a visit a winery? Bring it into your home through this candle.

  • Visit to the winery reed diffuser


    A fresh fruity, grapey smell with a tinge of fermentation, reminiscent of the winery. Have no time to take a vacation a visit a winery, walk amongst the grapevines, taste the different wines and smell the tinge of fermentation in the air? Bring it into your home through this reed diffuser.

  • Walk at dusk container candle


    A waft of lavender into your nostrils as you pass the lavender full blossom, painting the whole fields purple. Such a lovely feeling it will be if you could break away from your hustle for just a day to reset and revitalize. But your hustle needs you to keep grinding until the break of dawn or you won’t be able to feed your family. A few minutes away from your grind to soak in a milky lavender scented bath will not tank your hustle. You deserve that relaxation, boss.

  • Wine tasting in a rose garden container candle


    Champagne bubbles, rose scent drifting in the air. That is the ultimate relaxation-inducing environment and that any hardworking adult would love to indulge in from time to time. But responsibilities can deter us from pouring that bubbly. This candle brings you that experience and lets you go about your business (whilst following the safety precautions, of course).