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  • Baraka African Black Soap


    Gentle yet effective, black soap has a wide range of uses and benefits. Our black soap is handmade from traditionally sourced ingredients in Ghana. It uses by-products from shea butter production, making the black soap a circular economy product. It is made using fair trade, organic shea butter and traditionally made coconut oil.

  • Baraka Black African Black soap body wash


    Baraka Black Soap Body Wash is full of 100% pure and natural shea butter, coconut oil, sweet almond oil and apricot oil.

    It is hand-made in rural Ghanaian villages using all natural ingredients and formulated to be gentle on all skin types, deeply cleansing your face and body without stripping moisture from your skin.

  • Baraka Cocoa Butter


    Hand made by the women from Ghana using traditional methods to preserve the goodness found in cocoa butter. Occasionally, the cocoa butter may have a stronger roasted chocolate scent that may make you want to eat it.

    No chemicals, additives, animal testing, or harsh processing. Just pure, natural unrefined cocoa butter.

  • Baraka Traditional Virgin Coconut Oil

    • Made with naturally grown coconuts in the Western region of Ghana by the hard working women. Hand made. Natural coconutty scent.