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  • Baraka African Black Soap


    Gentle yet effective, black soap has a wide range of uses and benefits. Our black soap is handmade from traditionally sourced ingredients in Ghana. It uses by-products from shea butter production, making the black soap a circular economy product. It is made using fair trade, organic shea butter and traditionally made coconut oil.

  • Baraka Black African Black soap body wash


    Baraka Black Soap Body Wash is full of 100% pure and natural shea butter, coconut oil, sweet almond oil and apricot oil.

    It is hand-made in rural Ghanaian villages using all natural ingredients and formulated to be gentle on all skin types, deeply cleansing your face and body without stripping moisture from your skin.

  • Baraka Cocoa Butter


    Hand made by the women from Ghana using traditional methods to preserve the goodness found in cocoa butter. Occasionally, the cocoa butter may have a stronger roasted chocolate scent that may make you want to eat it.

    No chemicals, additives, animal testing, or harsh processing. Just pure, natural unrefined cocoa butter.

  • Baraka Organic shea butter


    Hand crafted organic shea butter, made using traditional methods to preserve the natural goodness found in shea butter.

  • Baraka Traditional Virgin Coconut Oil

    • Made with naturally grown coconuts in the Western region of Ghana by the hard working women. Hand made. Natural coconutty scent.
  • Cloves & Rosemary Hair Care Oil


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    Foaming Milk Bath Soak


    Foaming milk bath soak- the perfect escape. Time to escape the world, the noise and take time for myself to recharge and detox. The milky goodness gently exfoliating away dead skin and the floating botanicals bringing the spa treatment home. Nothing beats the bubbles, just what my body and soul needed!

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    Milk bath soak

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    The long winding road to success includes taking breaks and reflecting on the special moments that make your heart squeeze. Enjoy a milk bath soak to detox and rejuvenate, at the same time letting the gentle exfoliation of milk give you a smooth, glowing skin and the floating botanicals bring the spa into your home.

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    Prele Care bar soap

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    A waft of lavender into your nostrils as you pass the lavender full blossom, painting the whole fields purple. Such a lovely feeling it will be if you could break away from your hustle for just a day to reset and revitalize. But your hustle needs you to keep grinding until the break of dawn or you won’t be able to feed your family. A bar soap that provides lather that feels like a thousand fairies walking on you face, a nourishing, skin regenerating benefits to your skin is what you need to help your skin recover from the stress and beating it felt through the day.

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    Rainbow bath salts

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    We understand that adulting is tiring and can result in fatigue. Rainbow bath salts offer a mixture of salts full of fatigue relieving benefits. Great for recharging and detoxing. With no added botanicals.

  • Sunset Lip Balm


    Made with the Botswana climate in mind, this lip balm is designed to withstand the heat without melting. It provides long lasting moisture to your lips, reducing the necessary re-application. Our lip balm is delicately made with natural ingredients and colored using natural oils. It works with your skin to provide soft, luscious lips. Size:…

  • Sweet Escape Dead Sea Salt


    Back to basics, where simplicity and versatility roam free. Where sweet escapes come in a purest form of self-love and care.